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Version of Jan 16, 2017

1. General Information

1.1. Urban Electric Transit. Joint Tramway and Trolleybus Site (hereafter “JTTS”, “the Site”) a website located at is a non-commercial educational electronic resource. The Site enables users agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions to upload there photos primarily of tram and trolleybus fleet and urban transit infrastructure. JTTS offers opportunity to contribute comments to photos uploaded and to assess them. Users agree not to violate any applicable law or regulation of Russian Federation or any other country the photos were taken in and/or the users reside in.

1.2. There are several primary goals pursued by JTTS. These include collecting photos of trams/streetcars/LRVs and trolleybuses taken in CIS countries and around the world;. maintaining the vehicle database that contains information on the current state of electric transit and its exterior changes; bringing the people who are interested in electric transit together.

1.3. User (hereafter “visitor”, “participant”, “author” or just “you”) means a person having an access to or using the Services on the Site (either as registered member or as a guest).
Administrator is a person having the full access rights to control all the Services on the Site.
Moderator is a person entitled to edit the user comments published on the Site.
Photo Screener is a moderator entitled to control the photo content of the Site.
Editor is a person entitled to maintain a database on one or more electric transit systems.

1.4. Additional terms and conditions regulating other services offered may apply.

1.5. By using the Service in any way, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms thereof and acknowledging all other regulations set forth on the Site. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you may not use the Site or any of its services. By using the Site and/or clicking on the “I accept Terms and Conditions” box contained in the registration process you are agreeing to be legally bound by all the terms and conditions set out in this agreement. It is your responsibility to refer to this document from time to time so that you may be informed of any changes to the Terms and Conditions. Ignorance of the Terms and Conditions is no excuse to any action taken by Administration. Non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions may result in access restriction, termination of your account and/or criminal/administrative prosecution.

1.6. We ask you to provide the following information to become a registered user: username that could differ from the name you have and IP address you use to sent messages. While registering, you must also choose Login allowing a computer system to control identification of the user, Password to access your account and your Email address. At your discretion you may provide any other information about you. Login, password, email address and IP address will be kept hidden. However, your login, email and IP are accessible to administrators whilst moderators can see your IP only.

1.7. Once your online service registration has been processed you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and safety of your Login and Password as well as all activities that occur under your account. By using this site you accept all responsibility or liability for information, images and other materials (hereafter “Materials”) that was uploaded, received, transmitted or made accessible by you in any other way.

1.8. You warrant and agree that, while using the Site, you shall not upload, post or transmit to or distribute or otherwise publish through the Site any Material that is threatening, abusive, obscene or in contravention of any law. You agree not to upload any information or material that infringes on any third party copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy without the express written permission of that third party.

1.9. You may not use the Site for commercial purposes, to distribute advertising or agitation unless it is authorized by Administration.
1.9.1. You may not use as your login address of any site. For advertising your sites with similar subjects you may use section "Links" and/or your personal profile.
1.9.2 You may not put any of these on uploaded photos: Addresses of any other sites; Names and symbolics of any legal entitys; Agitational and political slogans; Symbolics of recognized, unrecognized and states with limited recognition (including currently not existing); Symbolics of political and non-governmental organizations (including oficially not registered and currently not existing); Appeals to something.

1.10. This Site and its content are protected by copyright laws. You may not copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, transfer, sell or otherwise use or dispose software used by JTTS (including code, interface and website structure) without the express written permission of Administration.

1.11. The Administration reserves the right to:
1.11.1. …restrict access to the Service;
1.11.2. …terminate your password and remove any information about you if your account has been inappropriately used;
1.11.3. …modify these Terms and Conditions at any time;
1.11.4. suspend or cancel your access to any or all services provided.

1.12. The Site provides users with unique personal account. Creating multiple accounts is forbidden and may result a suspension of all accounts registered and a termination of user’s access to the Site. Using a shared account is forbidden. Personal account can be blocked at uses's convenience without deleting comments and photos. After that account can't be unblocked.

1.13. You are not allowed to access any information on the Site but your personal account data, the information given by other users, publicly-available information posted on the Site or information with the expressed permission of Administration.

1.14. By publishing your images on the Site you authorize other users to use them at no charge for personal puposes only (i.e. downloading to PC or cell phone or any other personal use). Neither commercial use nor public display of images submitted shall be permitted.

1.15. Express written permission of copyright holder must be obtained before commercial use of the images.

1.16 The site and the Service are provided on an “as is” basis. JTTS shall have no liability or responsibility for:
1.16.1. …not meeting user’s particular expetations;
1.16.2. …any direct or indirect damages user suffers from use of the Service resulted from errors, delays, omissions, interruptions, failures, file deletions, loss of transmitted information and unauthorised access to users account due to disruption or failure of communication and information system, breaking into the system or other unforeseen circumstances;
1.16.3. …any direct or indirect damages incurred by user as a result of the use of photos submitted by third party or other users;
1.16.4. …any claim or or any inappropriate or unlawful behavior of the third party;
1.16.5. …suspension or termination of user’s access to the Site or any of its services;
1.16.6. …materials submitted, created or published by users.

1.17. You are responsible for the security and proper use of your password and login used in connection with the Site as well as for all damages incurred arising from the loss or unathorized use of your account. The Site will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with these obligations. All actions taken under your password shall be considered as your own actions. It is strongly recommended to change your password regularly. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your password and account.

1.18. Under no circumstances can JTTS be responsible for copyright violations, theft or fakery of photos or any other material (i.e. a user submits someone else’s photo under his own name). However, we will do our best to track copyright violations and remove any content that infringes intellectual property rights.

1.19. You may view, download and store the photos and other materials published on the Site. JTTS neither endorses nor is responsible for any inappropriate use of the photos published in any way.

1.20. These terms and conditions come into effect once posted.

2. Image Submission Terms and Conditions

2.1. Each image submitted is carefully reviewed by photo screeners who follow the selection criteria established by Administration. The final decision on publication will be made by several photo screeners.

2.2. You shall not expect the reasons for image rejection or removal to be explained.

2.3. When you upload your images to the Service, you hereby grant the Site a non-exlusive intellectual property rights to publicly perform and display your images in any way for non-commercial use on the Site. You also grant Administration and the site representatives an exlusive permission to relocate or remove the images you have submitted. The revocation of your images is not welcomed on the Site. You should have a reasonable basis to revoke your images.

2.4. Photos with serious retouching, assembly (gluing) the main objects or key points of the scene are allowed to be published on the website only in the section "Photomontage", without the right to participate in the Photo Contest. If Administration suspect a retouch, and original photo is not given within 24 hours after sending Administration's request, the picture is forced to the section "Montage" and his participation in the Photo Contest is canceled.

3. The Vehicle database

3.1. The Vehicle database is maintained by Editors.

3.2. Database editors are appointed by Administration. If you wish to apply for a Database editor, please post your request in ticketing system.

3.3. Each editor takes the following responsibilities:
3.3.1. …to verify the accuracy of existing information on the transit systems they have been appointed to maintain and to correct those information if nessecary;
3.3.2. …to trace the changes that have occurred in the transit systems;
3.3.3. …to monitor the data entered by other users;
3.3.4. …to monitor and take actions on tickets entered by other users.

3.4. Entering misleading or deceptive information, deleting the correct data or any other action diminishing the Site credibility or viloating the Terms and Conditions set forth herein may lead to suspension or dismissal of Database editor. Severe violations may lead to suspension of duties without prior notice.

3.5. Administration takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information given in the Database.

3.6. If you enter misleading or deceptive information through Private Room on purpose, JTTS reserves the right to turn off this option in your personal account.

4. Text Information

4.1. Comments posted with photographs or as part of forum discussions are intended to allow users to discuss the photo content or any other infmormation published on the Site.

4.2. In any text information on tht Site (photo comments, forum posts, photo descriptions, information in users's profile, etc.) you agree:
4.2.1. …not to use the discussion forum to post any statement which contains personal abuse or harass other users on the ground of physical or mental disability;
4.2.2. …not to stir up hatred against people because of their race, or because of religious beliefs or nationality or any other reason, not to abuse other users on the above grounds;
4.2.3. …not to use coarse, offensive or insulting language as well as replacing charachters

4.3. Each statement made on the Site is a personal opinion only. Comments on behalf of groups of people or nation or state are forbidden unless you have an expressed permission.

4.4. False or deceptive comments intended to mislead other users are prohibited.

4.5. Personal messages are prohibited. Please respect the time of other visitors. Use Private Messages system or other communication methods.

4.6. Users are not allowed to post meaningless comments ("flood") such as:
4.6.1. The comments that look like "+1", "Agree", "Right" or similar;
4.6.2. The comments highlighting user's activity based on selected criteria;
4.6.3. Private information about other users or transit operators;
4.6.4. The comments intended to draw an attention to the photographs rather than publishing this information in the Remarks field while uploading the photography.

4.7. Duscussions about comment's/forum's moderators actions is strongly prohibited. Appeals accepted only by e-mail: [email protected].

4.8. Discussing ways of getting around our submission policy is prohibited (i.e. the following comments: "Why my photo was not accepted?", "Why did you accept this photo", "If it were me you would have never accepted this photo", "I would probably be given the following remark from moderators" etc.). However, you may want to discuss these questions in the forum.

4.9. Political and ideological discussions are prohibited. Active participants and instigators of these discussions are put on lifelong premoderation.

4.10. Links to sites/pages with limited access (for example, registration needed to view it) are prohibited.

4.11. In order to avoid duplication of discussions, we strongly recommend you to take a look at what was discussed before regarding to this particular topic — for instance, to check out discussions within the same section of the forum and/or use some of the search engines (Yandex, Google). If you fail to follow this guideline on a regular basis this may lead to punitive measures.

4.12. The users acknowledge and agree to follow the updates and notifications posted by Administration in the forum (see section "Site"). Please, refer to this thread to keep up on all changes and updates regarding the Terms and Conditions.

4.13. The main languages to be used on this site are English and Russian. To write a comment please use one of the main languages, or the language of the country (or territory) where the subject matter is being discussed. In the latter case, if the comment is intended for users outside of the country (or territory) where the subject matter is being discussed, please duplicate the comment in one of the main languages. The use of translitiration (i.e. substitution of letters with symbols from another alphabet) is highly not recommended.

4.14. You are recommended to use the same language to answer as it was in the initial post unless otherwise mentioned by its author.

4.15. Moderators reserve the right to remove any comments that may break the Terms and Conditions of the forum at our sole discretion.

4.16. In the event of violation of paragraph 4, Administration reserves the right to put all of your comments under preliminary review either on a temporary or a permanent basis.

5. Ratings

5.1. Rating system is intended to encourage users to submit high-quality and relevant content.

5.2. You may give your feedback on images submitted by other users using the rating system.

5.3. Voting eligibility requirements for users and voting procedures are outlined by Administration.

5.4. It is prohibited to discuss the grades in comments posted with photographs or in the forums (with the exeption of messages that notify of technical troubles in the functioning of the website’s software).

5.5. The disclosure of information regarding the voters as well as their grades is not possible for the votings that had been closed.

5.6. Should JTTS track down an abuse of our voting system (i.e. ill-founded grades under the comments and/or photographs of a particular user), your access to the voting system may be suspended.

6. Private Messages

6.1. Private Message option enables users to communicate with each other when their contact information is not published.

6.2. The users agree to delete old messages in a timely manner.

6.3. Spam messages are prohibited.

6.4. Should we receive complaints regarding the messages that may insult other users or be meaningless, JTTS retains the right, in its sole discretion, to turn this option off.

7. Ticketing system.

7.1. Tickets are used for:
...correction of vehicle, photo, city data;
...reporing technical or user behaviour problems;
...requests to change personal data or user status.

7.2. Tickets themes are divided by groups. All tickets should be opened under correct subject. All other questions, which are not listed in ticketing system, should be discussed on forum. You may not enter meaningless tickets.

7.3. For all texts in ticketing system rules from section 4.2. are applied.